Figma Plugins.

Drop me a message at angga.putra[at] if you have ideas! I'm open for collaboration.

Motion spec

Gojek Design (private plugin)

Working closely with motion team, we created a plugin to translate JSON data that was produced by Adobe After Effect, into Figma layers spec. The output of this plugin is a single artboard and all the repsective curves data that was coming from the JSON file.

MoSpec plugin

A11y 2.0

Gojek Design (private plugin)

Continuing to my last plugin, I converted the previous A11y plugin to React, using it I can store more data for different artboard. I'm using localstorage to store all the annotation data.

A11y 2.0 plugin


Gojek Design (private plugin)

In effort to make Gojek accessible for all, one step at a time. The plugin will add the sequence spec by simply selecting element(s).

A11y plugin

Source of Truth

Gojek Design (private plugin)

A plugin to explore the latest design across products. I'm using Figma's REST API to fetch the projects and the files. Checkout the REST API here.

Source of truth plugin